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Operation & Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

A O&M Manual defines the requirements for the effective operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of the building, and includes details of the building's construction, history and maintenance, instructions for its operation and maintenance, along with guarantees and warranties.

Many clients and contractors will hold payments until these are produce and approved . At Kareisk LTD we produce and co-ordinate these files to your specification and format thus saving you time, money and releasing valuable funds to help with your all important cash flow.

Operation and Maintance Summary

  • Keep accurate records of your buildings
  • Comply with the ever increasing health, safety and environmental legislation
  • Limit the costs of using buildings

We also produce - Computer-based operating and maintenance manuals

With increasing complexity and capability of buildings, so grows the quantity of operation and maintenance (O&M) information required to ensure the services are operated correctly. The advantages are:

  • Paper copy O&M manuals largely fail to keep pace with the increasing demands of building operators
  • Paper based documentation is often proven to be inadequate for managing, presenting and updating large amounts of O&M related information
  • The use of hard copy manuals represents a significant barrier to the on-going use of computer-based information created during a building's design and construction phases

We can overcome these limitations and move from hard copy manuals to a computer-based format. This will provide a highly flexible and dynamic information medium, which can include tools to help manage assets and perform maintenance activities. Computer-based advantages include:

  • Multiple-user access, via a client network or internet link
  • Required information can be quickly located and retrieved
  • Storage space required for hard copy manuals is avoided
  • Ease of keeping information up to date
  • Avoid pages or whole manuals becoming misplaced

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